What is the ABUSES Forum?

The ABUSES Forum originates in April 2005, after a five-year long coordination effort among a small group of Spanish ISPs with the sole objective of creating a trusted environment among operations personnel for information sharing, experiences and coordination on (in)security issues on internet (spam, viruses, trojans, phishing among others). After its origins in 2000 and till now, this group was promoted and moderated by RedIris (Spanish R+D Network)

The ABUSES Forum is focused on technical and generally ISP professionals which manage or are interested in solving incidents and complains on Internet abuse. This forum was supported by a similar initiative with European scope: E-COAT (European COoperation of Abuse fighting Teams).

The global objectives of the ABUSES Forum materialize in reactive and proactive actions, seeking solutions for abuse incident management, sharing information on them (like IPs with malicious activities) or managing copyright complains.

We understand that an abuse team are those responsible for receiving and processing complains of the users of a network, service or ISP. This task can be carried out either within a specific team or as a more general assignment to an organization security team. We deem abuse incidents those complains received from end users or entities external to an organization for malicious or abusive activity originated within it. Some examples of abuse incidents are:

  • Sending unsolicited e-mail (spam)
  • Infections caused by the breaking in of malicious code in a system (malware)
  • Unauthorized distribution of contents subject to author rights
  • Attacks against equipment or infrastructure
  • Actions against the acceptable use policy

ABUSES targets those responsible for receiving and processing security complains from users and other ISPs. Those complains are raised to a specific team or to an organization security team. ABUSES means to create a collaboration and coordination space among abuse teams facilitating future ways of collaboration. This meting aims at developing the personal relationships among those professionals that manage abuse complains in order to generate a trust environment that leads to the solution of these complaints.

If you are interested in participating in the Abuses Forum please contact us.

Foro ABUSES framework

The framework is the document approved in the general meeting in July of 2006, which defines the ABUSES Forum working bylaw and which must be accepted by all its members. Each entity wishing to become a member will need to assign a representative, which will be the signing responsible accepting the Forum membership and the rest of obligations specified in the bylaw.

Foro ABUSES framework [pdf] - (spanish language)

If you are an spanish ISP and wish to become a member of the ABUSES Forum, get in touch with us or click here